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Communication is gold!

I can't do anything but laugh at people that have the worst communicating skills ever. With today's technology you have cell phones, email addresses, text messaging, social media, video chat etc. There's absolutely no reason for people to not be able to communicate back and forth in a timely manner. When someone doesn't communicate back with you in a timely manner that's just laziness or them ignoring you and these are facts there's just no reason for it these days. Communication is Major key to success, without it you got nothing. If it always takes somebody days to respond, you're obviously not a priority at all to them and they do not value your business relationship or work ethic. 👌 I have included a link here to a great article to help you be more effective in communication.

com·mu·ni·cate kəˈmyo͞onəˌkāt/Submit verb 1. share or exchange information, news, or ideas. "the prisoner was forbidden to communicate with his family" synonyms: be in touch, be in contact, have dealings, interface, interact, commune, meet, liaise; More

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