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Real Estate Agents Liable for $11,000 FAA fines for hiring unlicensed Drone Operators

The FAA is sending a shockwave through the Real Estate community when it comes to hiring "illegal drone operators". The Federal Aviation Administration considers it illegal to fly drones for commercial purposes, including real estate photography. Any real estate agents hiring unlicensed drone pilots will face an $11,000+ fine from the FAA.

The FAA says that commercial use is any time a pilot flies for the government, commercial or other non-hobby uses. So when little Bobby that lives across the street from you wants to make a few quick bucks flying his drone for your MLS listing, you might want to ask more questions. "Are you licensed" "Are you insured?"

Let me break that down easier for you... Every time you take “Bobby” (the local unlicensed drone kid) with you to shoot some “Real Estate” (that would be you) drone shots, he is liable for a $1,000 fine and you are liable for an $11,000 fine. Then to make matters worse you are giving them the proof by publishing drone images on the MLS. All it takes is a competitor to turn you in. If you are the real estate agent taking your own drone photos you would be subject to both fines $12,000+ in fines.

Any of you ever had anonymous complaints sent to the Realtor Board about some advertisement or website that unknowingly bent the rules just a little? Don't be that guy or gal that gets slapped with a huge fine because you decided to be a cheapskate and not spend the extra few dollars on a licensed drone pilot is what we're saying... unless you have $11,000 dollars to gamble your odds with. View local drone operators in your area that are FAA licensed by clicking HERE

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