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This new company is making waves in the boating world

A new company is making HUGE waves in the boating industry! The company is called Anchor Rides! Pretty cool concept and similar to the Uber of boating! You can pick boats or yachts to take out for the day along with a Captain so you and your friends can relax on the water and not worry about having a few drinks while boating! The other cool thing about Anchor Rides is that if you own a boat or a yacht you can make money off your boat by chartering it out with a certified USCG captain! They keep it clean, you make money and it is fully insured! That is a WiN WiN situation! So why let your boat or yacht just sit around collecting dust? Visit today!

Check out this badass promo video we shot!

Anchor provides unforgettable boating experiences with an inventory of privately owned boats/yachts & local Captains... you can now rent your dream boat without having to pay the big bucks to own it!

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