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CG35 Center Console Sport Fishing boat

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Chris and Garrison met while Garrison was working at Full Throttle Marine as a broker. Garrison brokered a boat for Chris and they became good friends. Years ago, Chris created Bonefish Boats, and sold it when health issues arose. He has taught Garrison so much both on and off the water; from building boats to fishing. They fish, eat, travel, and spend holidays together. Chris truly is both a brother and best friend to Garrison, and Garrison appreciates his very presence in his life.

Garrison is the owner and principal broker of USA Coastal Marine, USA Coastal Yacht Sales, and Erie International Marine. He began his career detailing boats and yachts, and opened up Boat Spa, a detailing business that also offered customization to vessels. He used his close business relationships to help clients design and personalize the boat exactly as they wanted. He customized engine decals to match the color of boats, Boot stripes, paint, etc. He sold many used vessels, but he always dreamed of building and selling new boats. After contacting several new boat manufacturers regarding selling their new boats, Garrison quickly realized he and Chris needed to build their own boat.

Chris and Garrison then had several discussions regarding building boats and becoming a manufacturer. In November 2020, they obtained a location, paid thousands of dollars to transport the molds and key components, and constructed a new building to serve as the manufacturing facility for the boats.

Chris and Garrison decided to name their new company CG Boat Works (Christopher and Garrison). The first boat will be the CG 35 M-Series. They invited Randale Honaker to join their business. They incorporated and are each one third shareholders. The three of them each bring a unique perspective to the business. Having previously constructed boats, Chris is knowledgeable in boat manufacturing. Randale Honaker brings financial expertise to the team as an experienced financial advisor who manages all legal and tax issues. Randale Honaker drafted the long term business plan for the corporation. Garrison is a professional boat broker that will handle all marketing and client relationships.

The goal is not to be like every other boat builder. CG Boat Works will build customized, unique boats constructed from only the best products in the industry. We know if we construct our boats from the best materials with the finest craftmanship the brand will not be compromised. The boats will last longer and experience fewer problems. In the beginning, CG Boat Works plans to build approximately six boats per year, and gradually increase the manufacturing capacity to 12-15 boats per year. We want to deliver on our promises and keep our word. Our goal is for our clients to experience an exceptionally well built boat and uncompromised customer services. We are excited to be a part of this fast growing industry and expect to compete with the best in the business.

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