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Sebba Shade The #1 Boating Sunshade

Sebba Shade (pronounced seb-buh) was invented out of necessity by three friends living in St Petersburg, FL - Rory Faulkner, Sebastian Vikkelsoe, and Josh Marcus.

Floridians know that it gets HOT out on the water. Our kids, fishing buddies…everyone eventually complains about the Sun and heat and wants to head home. But we wanted to spend more time on our boats, not less.

Like others, we tried beach umbrellas, tarps, towels; anything to create more shade for our family and friends. We searched the internet but there are few solutions and none we liked.

We wanted something simple...a boat sunshade that is HUGE but can be stored under a seat. Rigid and strong, but light as air. Movable, rotatable, flexible…to be placed anywhere on a boat at any time. It had to be easy to put up and take down. It had to cantilever over the sides. And it had to have the highest UV rating possible.

We wanted something that didn’t exist. We would have to invent it.

Lucky for us, Sebastian is a talented design professional and after three years of research, design, and testing we knew we created something special and truly unique.

We hope you will enjoy our product and spend more time out on the water with happier kids and friends!